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Service Breadth and Depth

Our customers count on us for expertise in energy recovery, as well as the knowledge and skills of our independent project managers. We provide a variety of service to large biomass heating and power plants, small decentralized biomass heating plants, and pellet and briquette production plants.

Our project managers guarantee efficient and sustainable project handling that begins with individual project development and leads to successful plant start-up. Our services include:

  • Biomass CHP plants
  • Biomass heat plants
  • Pellet production plants
  • HVACR projects SE
  • Provision of planning services (concept and feasibility study, preliminary and final design, building permission application and execution drawings)
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Assistance with placing contracts
  • Coordination of all project partners
  • Project control and supervision
  • Project management
  • Commissioning, start-up and optimization of individually designed plants
  • Operational management

Off to a Solid Start

Our preliminary project activities encompass six key endeavors that analyze project viability and create the kind of team that puts every project on a firm foundation from the start:

  • Concept development
  • Profitability analysis
  • Funds sourcing
  • Gathering expertise
  • Solidifying strategic partnerships
  • Locating heat sinks

With Rinke Engineering GmbH on your team, you can make informed decisions from Day One

Thorough, Knowledgeable Planning

We help ensure smooth project implementation by handling full-range planning services for biomass heat plants, biomass heat and power plants, and pellet and briquette production plants. As our client, you will benefit from our long-standing project experience and a ’stress-free planning package‘ that includes the following nine phases:

  1. Establishing the basis of the project
  2. Preliminary design
  3. Final design
  4. Building permission application
  5. Execution drawings
  6. Preparation of contract award
  7. Assisting the award process
  8. Project supervision
  9. Project documentation

Such professional and thorough project planning, coupled with a precise and viable technical concept, lowers investment costs and results in a more profitable plant operation.

Unsurpassed Project Management

Rinke Engineering focuses on market development, quality and the strength of dedicated partnerships. Our leadership believes in pooling knowledge and experience, maintaining an open dialogue, and nurturing a culture of quality, all of which help guarantee a project’s success.


Managing Operations Profitably

After many years of bringing large biomass projects from vision to reality, we began offering pellet plants operations. We now offer a variety of services that range from finding personnel resources to handling repair and maintenance programs. For example, our relationship with the Green O&M enables us to successfully realize operations of projects.

Our overall strategy is always to focus on high availability, sustainability and profitability for all forms of operational management.


Strength in Engineering

To ensure exceptional results, we rely on engineers with a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties, including:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Industrial engineers
  • Wood engineers
  • Agricultural engineers
  • Technicians, design draftsmen, and other well-educated professionals


These engineering experts focus on nine core processes:

  • Basic evaluation
  • Preliminary planning
  • Blueprint planning
  • Approval planning
  • Contract preparation
  • Contract award participation
  • Implementation planning
  • Construction management
  • Documenting and addressing deficiencies